Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wow we are glad we have one of these!

You know how you have your favorite tool, appliance, item, that just makes your life that much easier. The ones that seem to be "worth their weight in gold". Since we have arrived there have been many ├╝ber useful items that we wanted to highlight. We will keep adding to the list but to start us off.......

Hammocks. Love, love, love our trek light hammocks. We have been sleeping in them for about 4 months now and all of us love them. They are light weight, durable, fold up and out of the way and are oh so comfortable. With the limited space that we have for the 4 of us they work perfectly. We built a bunk bed style system that allows us all to sleep very comfortably in a small space. If you are interested in more info on trek light hammocks, check out their site

Who knew Dutch ovens we so useful?....well we do now. :) They are so versatile with how you can cook with them. Over a fire, coals on top, set in coals, on a stove, you name it. We have made 4 dinners in this bad boy thus far and all have turned out fantastic. Yummy veggies from the garden, Dahl, and last nights dinner, stuffed Spagetti squash. Mmmmmmmm so tasty :) Much thanks and love to the family and friends who gifted us our Dutch oven and tripod. (((<3)))

More to come soon. More photos and perhaps some recipes for veggie Dutch oven goodness. <3

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  1. im so thrilled by this post!!.. im starting a of your list :).. so inspiring! Love!!!